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Due to the COVID-19 crisis, travel to many parts of the world has been limited in 2020. However, many countries are starting to open again to tourists, and 2021 is expected to be a much better year to travel if the pandemic can get under better control. Here are some travel destinations that will likely be among the top places to visit in 2021.


This island nation in the Caribbean region is the perfect place to go for an island getaway. First-class hotels, private villas, and fancy boutiques have attracted many members of the elite crowd. Barbados is also a mecca for surfing and other fun beachside activities. Anyone who visits during the summer may even get the chance to attend the Crop Over festival, including colorful parades and lively calypso music.


Often overlooked by tourists, Slovenia is one of Europe’s best-hidden gems that can give any traveler a fulfilling experience. Ljubljana’s capital city features historic architecture, fascinating museums, and other places of interest that are sure to pique any visitor’s curiosity. Lake Bled is an ideal location for romance and is one of the country’s most spectacular natural features.


Home of the Sahara Desert and Casablanca, Morocco, has long been one of North Africa’s top places to visit. Morocco is also famous for its many bazaars that sell a variety of goods at bargain prices. The brightly colored souks of Marrakech provide a feast for the eyes. Tourists can also try some authentic Moroccan dishes made with couscous, kale, and other savory ingredients.

Yellowstone National Park

If a stateside vacation is in order, a visit to Yellowstone National Park will be the perfect way to spend some leisure time. The park stretches across Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho’s states and includes some of the world’s most iconic natural features. The famous geyser known as Old Faithful can be found in the Wyoming section of the park and erupts regularly with water that shoots from the earth into the air. Dramatic canyons, picturesque forests, and peaceful alpine rivers can also be found throughout many sections of the park.

Visiting these destinations can be the perfect way to get out and enjoy life after being locked in because of the pandemic. If managing COVID-19 continues to progress in a positive direction, 2021 is sure to be a better year for travel.