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As fun as traveling with our friends and family may be, it also can be very stressful. Having more people means having more opinions, more personalities, and more conflicting interests. It’s important to make sure that everyone going on the trip has a meaningful experience. Here are a few tips to help you meet the needs of every person in your group.


It’s important that each person in the group is heard. You may need to ask and answer tough questions (e.g. how much each person is willing to spend or what each person wants to do most). Be sure there is an open dialogue between each member of your party in person.

Organize Logistics

While you’re communicating, make sure everyone is on the same page. It may be helpful to create an itinerary describing how everyone will get to the destination, where they will each be staying, when they will all meet up, etc. Make it clear if travel will be booked individually or if someone will do it for everyone in the group.

Manage Money

If your group plans to split expenses, discuss up front how things will be paid for. Decide if one person will pay for everything or if receipts will be added up at the end. Figure out how expenses will be tracked and how they can be handled fairly. Remember that some people may want to buy their own food if they are trying to be cost conscious.

Group and Individual Activities

Though you will be traveling with others, it’s okay for party members to do activities separately. Figure out what the entire group wants to do together, but also designate some things to do on your own. If you like to be the boss, you can take ownership of planning an activity by making all the arrangements and saying others are welcome to join you. Focus on what things are most important to you and to the whole group.


Depending on how large your group is, it may be hard to please everyone. Remember to be flexible and willing to compromise.

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