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If your family is suffering from cabin fever due to the past several months’ lockdowns, a road trip is a great way to unwind. Even a short drive to a nearby town can be enough of a diversion. This guide provides tips for staying safe and saving money on the road.

Plan Ahead

You should know what supplies you’ll need to have a safe and carefully planned weekend getaway. This includes packing a first aid kit with enough supplies for everyone in the family. Don’t forget extra masks and latex gloves, which should be worn in restaurants and when checking into hotels. Add a tool kit, flashlight, flares, and other essentials to help you deal with the possibility of a roadside breakdown.

Choose Your Destination Carefully

You won’t want to visit a tourist trap where you’ll find yourselves thrown into large crowds or heavily populated areas. Instead, look for attractions and points of interest that won’t be bustling with other travelers. During the road trip, remind your children about the importance of keeping up with social distancing rules. It can help lookup the news for your desired location to ensure it’s not a community with a higher risk of infection.

Get Your Vehicle Inspected

Many roadside emergencies can be avoided by having your vehicle inspected by an experienced mechanic. Let your auto repair technician know you’re planning to drive the car a great distance to ensure he inspects all of the necessary systems. In particular, this is a good time for an oil change and tune-up. The tires, suspension, and brakes should also be checked out before you hit the road.

Plan Rest Stops

It was more challenging to plan out where you would stop for gas, bathroom breaks, and meals in the past. The improved accuracy of GPS technology makes this much more manageable. You can even check fuel prices online before you go. If you use the internet and your phone’s GPS, you can plan to stop at the least inexpensive or the most convenient places along your route.

The success of any road trip or vacation depends on how much planning you put into the trip. When you try to anticipate the most hiccups you may experience along the way, you’ll be better prepared for them. Putting together a loose plan for your trip will ensure your family enjoys their time away from home.