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Life right now is unlike anything we have ever experienced. The best way to get through everything is to add some normalcy back to your life. This can quickly be done by getting out of the house and exploring the beautiful city of Dallas again. There are plenty of places throughout the city where you can have fun without risking your health. These are the four best things to do in Dallas, TX, right now.

Dallas Zoo

This iconic attraction has been a significant part of the city since 1888, which makes it one of the oldest zoos in the United States. There are currently more than 400 different species of animals on display at the 106-acre Dallas Zoo. To keep everyone safe, you will need to reserve a visiting time online in advance. A few indoor enclosures may also be closed, but the zoo’s iconic African exhibit is still open.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

While the Dallas Arboretum is worth a visit at any time, the fall season is where it comes to life. One of the small gardens has been completely transformed into a pumpkin village with just under 100,000 pumpkins used as decorations. This is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween with the family. There are also 19 other beautiful gardens that you can view during your visit.

Dallas Farmers Market

There is nothing quite like eating delicious produce grown in the area. The freshness of the fruits and vegetables helps create a flavor you cannot replicate at a major supermarket. You can stock your kitchen with these great food products by visiting the Dallas Farmers Market every weekend. The entire event is held outside, so you do not have to worry about staying safe.

White Rock Lake

If you would prefer to stay away from socially-distanced gatherings, then White Rock Lake is the perfect place to visit. This beautiful artificial lake is located just outside of Downtown Dallas. You will have plenty of space to spread out on the water while sailing or fishing. Enjoying the stunning view while biking around the water or relaxing in the grass is another great way to spend the day at White Rock Lake.