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In 2021, many aspects of the travel industry have changed. While some may be temporary, others may become permanent. These trends are important for every traveler to know and understand.

Though people are traveling less frequently, they are taking longer trips than ever before. Slightly over half of everyone who plans to travel soon will be away from home for a minimum of two weeks. After a year where travel was essentially banned, people are looking for longer getaways to make up for lost time and cure their long-term boredom.

The ability of many people to do their job remotely is allowing those who couldn’t previously travel to do so now. Many people have jobs where using nothing more than a laptop and a wifi connection. They can complete the work they used to be confined to the office for. Certain countries are capitalizing on this new trend by offering a digital nomad visa. This allows visitors to work and live in Barbados, Georgia, Bermuda, Dubai, and Anguilla. Thanks to services like Airbnb, it is now easier than ever for people to temporarily relocate to another country.

Post COVID-19, major airlines are changing their canceling, rebooking, and non-refundable flights. Hotels have made similar changes to their cancellation and rebooking policies. In addition, airlines and hotels are taking extra steps to ensure that they always provide a clean environment for their guests. Many major hotel chains even allow registered guests to check in and out without interacting with another person.

Along the same lines, contactless payment is becoming an option increasingly offered by businesses around the country. In addition, mobile apps for hotels and airlines will automatically notify users if changes are made to their reservations. They will also be informed immediately anytime government guidance surrounding COVID-19 changes.

For 2021, travel agents are making a comeback. This is primarily because travelers have so many questions about their trips that it takes an agent to answer all of them in today’s world. Travel agents will be helping vacationers by making helpful suggestions about possible destinations and when it’s best to visit them.