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Taking care of the planet doesn’t mean ceasing the activities that bring you joy, it just means changing the way you engage in those activities. Honor Mother Earth by changing these five things about the way you travel to make them joyful activity that is traveling more eco-friendly.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce the amount of things you take with you. Pack minimalist and your carbon footprint will shrink.

Reuse a water bottle, reusable silverware, napkins, and one container.

Recycle your unwanted or unused soaps, shampoos, jackets, or umbrellas. Find a local organization that will take the goods and recycle them for another owner.


How you travel to your destination is very important. In this super helpful article, Eco Watch outlines how to travel to and within your destination in a way that best supports the health of our planet. In short, planes are better than trains, but if you fly non-stop is best.


Buy local, anywhere, everywhere, all the time. This applies to food, drink, clothes, souvenirs, whatever. Find a shop in town run by a local and buy whatever you need directly from that person. Importing foreign foods and goods is a big drain on the earth. Buying local is a key part of being eco-friendly.


Most travel influencers have started to give their own tips about how to stay eco-friendly when traveling. Their tips are similar to “buy local” point from above. Some travel influencers prefer places that feature LEED certification or some other clear indicator of their commitment to environmental preservation.

Animal & Environmental Tourism

Always tread lightly when visiting any environmental destination, and leave no trace. Don’t pick up leaves or rocks and carry them home, or leave your banana peel. Additionally, be careful when considering options like animal parks or zoos where tourists are invited to touch or hold elephants and tigers as these animals are often drugged to behave the way they do.


These steps, though perhaps hard at first, will become easy overtime. And the earth will thank you.