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In the few weeks left of the decade, folks are reflecting on the past 10 years. What did they accomplish? What has changed since 2009? And most importantly, what did everyone eat over the course of the decade? These food trends topped the charts in the 10s, but what will stick around in 2020?

Larger Than Life Milkshakes

Step aside, local diner shakes. Milkshakes have achieved new heights. Literally. At places like Black Tap in New York City, diners can order milkshakes with almost anything on them from traditional whipped cream to lollipops and cookies. Would you like a whole slice of cake with your shake?

Health Elixirs

Stressed about physical and mental wellness, people in the last decade have turned to food for holistic treatments. Kombucha for gut health, turmeric for anti-inflammation and CBD for stress relief have been some of the mindful food choices that defined the decade. Despite dissent for the effectiveness of some of these applications, most notably CBD, there’s no stopping the health food trend now.

Avocado Everything

Guacamole is extra, but people have been willing to pay. Toast topped with meticulously layered avocado rosettes have taken cafe and brunch menus by storm. More than simply an add-on to a burrito bowl, avocado has made its way onto toast, into fried appetizers and even hidden in gooey brownies. So popular, avocado toast is one of the most popular food trends of the last 40 years.

Egg-cellent Choices

Put an egg on it! The Instagram-worthy “yolk porn” trend made for the popularization of the soft-cooked egg. Runny yolks topped avocado toasts, sky-high burgers, pizzas and so much more throughout the decade. While humans have enjoyed runny eggs throughout history, they have risen to online fame in the last decade.

Meatless Meat

With the rise of the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger, folks are attempting to reduce red meat intake and replace their routine burger fix with bleeding, plant-based lab-grown burgers. The vegan alternative has become popular in the supermarket shelves and on fast-food menus across the country.

Twice As Nice

Foods packing twice the trend-power have become top of mind in the last 10 years. Following the successful cronut, chefs have combined foods to make culinary statements at foodie-friendly festivals. The ramen burger, made famous at Smorgasburg, and the sushi burrito are two noteworthy culinary multitaskers.