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A bucket list helps people sort out their vacation and travel goals. It is a catalog of places that people want to visit and experiences they want to have before they die.

The first step in putting together a bucket list is simply brainstorming or writing down a list of places the traveler has always wanted to visit or things they wanted to try. In many cases, the latter will be associated with a given place. For example, if somebody always wanted to learn how to surf, they could go to places like Florida, Hawaii, or Costa Rica.

A bucket list is a dream list, so the traveler shouldn’t dismiss something simply because it seems too expensive or risky. They should put down everything that comes to mind. In fact, they may want to add something because it would make for a really great story if they ever accomplished it.

The next step is to prioritize your list, for it will take years, if not the rest of one’s life, to visit every place on it. There are two ways to approach this: desire and feasibility. The traveler could sort their destinations by how badly they want to visit them. When sorting by feasibility, the traveler would rank their destinations by how easy it would be to visit them. Feasibility would cover such items as how expensive a destination is and how difficult or easy it is to get there.

The third step includes research and planning. This step includes researching travel and hotel expenses to get a rough estimate of how much the trip would cost. The traveler should also investigate the cost of food and drinks, rental cars, and any activities. How much would surfing lessons in Hawaii cost, for example? The traveler should also factor in other expenses, like hiring a pet sitter or getting a passport or visa.

The fourth step is to start saving for a trip. The traveler should figure out how much money they can save toward a trip in a year. A simple way to approach this is to put a little money toward the trip every pay cycle and keep it in the savings account. If the traveler gets paid twice a month, for example, they will make 24 payments to their savings account during that year. If they start saving right away, they will make relatively small payments.

With some planning and thought, the traveler will be able to visit many of the places on their bucket list.