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An inevitable part of flying is dealing with layovers. And while some are only long enough to transfer from one plane to another, others are longer. Rather than dreading an extended layover, travelers can embrace the following ideas for enjoying it.

A long enough layover is an excellent opportunity for travelers to see a city they might not otherwise see. Even if all they have time to do is take a quick walking tour, enjoy a meal based on local cuisine, and maybe even purchase a souvenir. In almost every city layovers commonly occur and have something to offer. Sometimes airports will even provide a quick tour, led by a knowledgeable local.

Depending on the airport’s size where a layover takes place, they may offer what is called a transfer hotel. This one lets guests book rooms for the few hours they have until their next flight. Tired, weary travelers can use this opportunity to take a nap before their next flight.

Other airports may not have a transfer hotel, but some have a place where those passing through can take a hot shower. In some cases, airport lounges offer this luxury to paid members.

Yet another perk some airports offer are meditation rooms. For nervous travelers, stressed out, or both, this can be an easy way to relax and make the remaining travel seem a little less daunting.

Travelers that have a layover in a foreign country often pass the time by perusing the selections available on Netflix. Since the streaming service is offered in many parts of the world, each country with access to it has movies and TV shows that aren’t available in other countries. This can be a relaxing way for tired travelers to stay occupied.

Most international airports have a duty-free shop. These are good places to stock up on free samples of items that come in handy for travelers. Items offered typically include perfumes, lotions, and sometimes even small snacks or sweets.

Perhaps the most low-key way to take full advantage of a long layover is to spend it people watching. For creative types like artists and writers, this might inspire new ideas they can use in their work.