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The Lone Star State is home to plenty of places at which to eat and drink. Texas is known for its big plates of barbeque and its take on Mexican food. From big cities, such as Austin and Houston, to smaller ones, such as El Paso, there is no limit to the amount of eateries to explore. Check out the list below for some of the best restaurants across the Lone Star State! 

Franklin Barbeque – Austin, TX

What was once a trailer by the interstate is now a bustling brick-and-mortar lunch-only stop for brisket, pulled pork, sandwiches, sausage, coleslaw, beer, wine and pies. Serving everyone from locals to the Obamas, Franklin Barbecue’s long lines are there for a reason.

Tei-An – Plaza, Dallas, TX

Tei-An features a mix of contemporary Japanese dishes alongside more innovative twists on the classics. Find everything from curries and sushi to tempura and soup. Look out for the hand cut soba noodles, made of buckwheat, and topped with dashi dipping sauce and meats such as duck and chicken. A seven-course omakase dining experience is also offered.

Crawfish & Noodles – Houston, TX

Found inside a strip mall, Crawfish & Noodles has been nominated for a James Beard award. This joint serves up seafood with a Vietnamese twist. Viet-Cajun Crawfish are topped in a buttery garlic sauce, and fried crabs are golden and crispy.

H&H Car Wash and Coffee House – El Paso, TX

Being on the border of Texas, New Mexico and Mexico, this legendary eatery has more than burgers, pancakes and milkshakes. Huevos rancheros, enchiladas covered in chile Colorado and eggs topped with chorizo are more this coffee house’s style.

The Village BakeryWest, TX

As the oldest Czech bakery in Texas, Village Bakery serves treats with a Texan flair. Kolaches and braided bread feature fillings such as cream cheese, poppy seed and apricot. There is even a version that features sausage for a savory alternative. Listen to the polka music playing as food is ordered. It adds a distinct Czech touch to the establishment.

Dig into dishes at these restaurants while in Texas. Bon appétit!