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30 years ago using a travel agent to book vacations was commonplace. The agent would book flights, arrange hotel reservations, and supply maps and brochures. However, with today’s advanced technology, many people are choosing to book their own trips online without the assistance of a travel agent. Even so, there are still many reasons that using a travel agent is a great idea.

Check out these 6 benefits to using a travel agent when planning a vacation.

Resort Access

Travel agents have access to resources that the average person doesn’t. They can find cheaper plane tickets, upgrade seats, upgrade hotel room amenities, and find great deals on event tickets. Without the use of a travel agent, travelers might not even know that these deals exist.


It’s far more convenient to use a travel agent. Finding the cheapest plane tickets and best hotel room deals can be difficult and stressful. Planning a trip itinerary is something that many people just don’t enjoy doing. Why not allow a travel agent to take care of the difficult parts?


Travel agents can save travelers money. Agents often have access to great deals through supplier relationships, and they are able to pass these deals on to their clients. They can also find hidden savings wherever possible, such as suggesting alternative dates that may be cheaper.

Extra Support

Travelers will have someone to advocate for them if anything goes wrong. Whether it’s bad weather or canceled flights, having to stand in long lines or make dozens of phone calls to resolve an issue while on vacation is every traveler’s worst nightmare. When using a travel agent, they can handle these issues to get the vacation back on track.

Exclusive Travel Deals

 Travel agents have access to exclusive deals that aren’t available otherwise. Many companies have special offers such as exotic tours and private jets that are only available through the use of a travel agent.

Future Travels

Forming a relationship with a travel agent can be beneficial in the future. As an agent forms a strong client relationship, the travel agent can keep an eye out for future deals in destinations that they know their clients will love. Such attentive service is simply unmatched when travelers book vacations on their own.