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Simply because summer is a popular travel season doesn’t mean the destinations are less appealing during the autumn months. There are several advantages to taking a fall getaway if one has the time and resources to do so. Take a break from crying over summer being over and go on a fall trip today.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole gives plenty of reason for visitors to smile. Get to know the locals during the autumn time; the summer traffic has all gone away for the season. This means one can enjoy a festival and explore the many miles of forest around Jackson Hole. The weather is impeccable during the early months of autumn, making this stop in Wyoming a perfect escape.

Charleston, South Carolina

Hopping along the cobblestone walkways when the humidity has gone away is what fall is all about in this historic city in South Carolina. Charleston has all the historic architecture and old-time charm that can take people back centuries; it perfectly blends the past with the present through tasty restaurants and contemporary art galleries. This is a perfect trip for the history buff as Charleston has played no small role in the history of the country. History lover or not, Charleston has the beauty and charm to make plenty of fall travelers pleased with their decision.

Boston, Massachusetts

Another extremely historic town, Boston boasts some fun avenues to get lost in. Much like Charleston, Boston is a great blend between yesterday and today. Visit historic landmarks and museums before going out to eat and stopping at some of the many shops. Baseball fans will fall in love with Fenway Park. Boston in the autumn time can get especially wild if the Red Sox find themselves playing playoff ball in October.

San Francisco, California

One will have plenty to do in San Francisco. Take a walk by the wharf for some food before taking in a sunset with the Golden Gate Bridge in the foreground. San Francisco in itself has plenty of beauty and colorful charm. One won’t feel like they are in a big city despite all of its buzz. This city by the bay is worth a fall visit today.