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Hungry diners who enjoy eating out can visit some of the newest restaurants in Dallas, TX. These restaurants offer a variety of meal options along with an assortment of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Many of these new restaurants have also earned positive reviews for their welcoming settings and friendly staff.

Eataly Dallas

Anyone who wants to savor a taste of Italy right in the heart of Texas can order one of the delicious Italian dishes here. Hungry patrons who wish to eat in the restaurant can head to the Terra, which is located on the third floor of this establishment, and choose from different types of pizzas and pasta. The establishment also includes a store that sells Italian pasta, pizza-making supplies, and other items that can be prepared at home.


Sushi is on the menu at this new Japanese eatery. The sashimi, spicy tuna roll, and king crab nigiri sushi options are sure to satisfy any sushi lover’s appetite. Different types of sake and cocktails are also served to accompany meals. Limited seating is available, so making reservations in advance is strongly advised.

Chimalma Taco Bar

Downtown Dallas boasts this fun and modern Mexican food eatery, which just opened in the fall of 2020. Many of the dishes here originate from the Guadalajara area in Mexico’s Jalisco region. In addition to carnitas and Asada tacos, diners can order the sautéed red snapper or carne asada flank and chorizo steak. The restaurant even has a kids’ menu that features hamburgers, cheese quesadillas, and brisket tacos. The Chimalma fudge cake or piña colada cake can be an excellent dessert choice.

Heim Barbecue

This Fort Worth-based barbecue restaurant recently opened a location in Dallas to give more native Texans and visitors a taste of an authentic Texas barbecue. The “farm to smoker” barbecue method that the restaurant uses ensures that each meat is cooked low and slow to enhance the flavoring. Anyone who’s in the mood for ribs can try the pork rib or beef short rib plate. The Farm to Smoker Burger is another popular choice. Patrons who dine early can even order the brisket or jalapeño cheddar sausage breakfast tacos.

These new restaurants have added more culinary delights to the Dallas food scene. No matter what type of food diners are in the mood for, they should have no trouble finding the perfect meal options at any of these establishments.