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When planning a trip, technology can relieve a lot of the stress that comes with the organization, planning, and actual travel. Many travelers already have some apps to assist them like Google Maps and Facebook, but there are some other apps available to make travel a breeze.

Flight Apps

Finding the best flight can be tricky, and there are a plethora of websites that all claim to give the best deal. Even on your phone, you can find free apps like Hopper that allow users to compare flights and save.

These apps work by comparing many airlines and different flights using artificial intelligence. That means a trip may start with Frontier and return with Allegiant Airlines, but the savings are for the consumer.

Lodging Apps

Modern travels have many options besides traditional hotels for lodging. Apps like VRBO and Airbnb have dominated the market by offering homeowners the ability to provide their own houses for guests. Apps like these or HotelTonight are a great way to find cheap lodging on spontaneous vacations or long-planned getaways.


TripIt, Roadtrippers, and PackPoint are all apps designed to take the hassle out of planning trips. From making sure luggage has all the necessities to plotting pit stops or bathroom breaks, these apps are handy tools built for travel. Users can upload specific dates and times to calendar sections, and even create helpful lists of places to visit and restaurants to enjoy.

Some apps require subscriptions, but the alternative of planning makes their small fee much more manageable.


Before the age of smartphones, a personal translator would have to be hired to make sure a Spanish backpacking trip went smoothly. Apps like Google Translate have eliminated that.

With the flick of a finger, the hundreds of languages can be translated with minimal difficulty. This means the days of struggling with translation books are over. And for those headed overseas, this app is a must.

In the age of smartphones, the traveler has many more tools at their disposal to make vacations run like clockwork. From planning to flying and lodging, there truly is an app for that.