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The coronavirus is sure to change human society in a massive way, and, from this early stage, we still can’t fathom exactly what the future will look like. We can, however, make some bold, early predictions on the changes we’re likely to see.

One area that will almost certainly be altered is travel. The decades leading up to the pandemic saw massive increases in international travel worldwide. Now, with all that jet-setting brought to a sudden halt, we can begin to predict what travel will look like when it returns. Here are four ideas.

Travel Insurance Costs

The pandemic has shown people that extreme events and unforeseen disasters are a real possibility. Suddenly, hitting the road with protection doesn’t seem like such a good idea. Travelers will be increasingly insistent on buying comprehensive and cancelable travel insurance, which will probably cost more than ever before.

More Domestic Travel

With people wary of airplanes and being stuck in foreign countries, many travelers will choose to hit the road and stay closer to home. Parks and outdoor entertainment will become more popular, as people look to get away without putting themselves and their families at risk.

Increased Demand for Private Rentals

With an infectious disease still on the loose, many people will balk at the idea of occupying a hotel with hundreds of other guests. A private vacation home or cabin will seem like a much better idea, even if it’s a bit pricier.

Increased Safety Measures

No matter the type of travel, the precaution required by the pandemic will be felt everywhere. From rows of empty seats on planes to the closure of hotel buffets, expect signs of the times to be pervasive. Sanitation will be more emphasized than ever before, with the smell of disinfectant ever-present in airports, bus stations, hotels, and popular tourist destinations.

A lot will be different about traveling in the coronavirus era, but, no matter what fate throws our way, people will still feel a desire to explore. There will be no escaping the new reality, but there might be plenty of opportunities for injecting it with that feeling of wonder traveling gives us.