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While traveling and vacations have been mostly put on hold due to Covid-19, many people are still flying. Whether it is out of necessity or not, hopping on a plane can be a little daunting with all of the new safety precautions that have been put into place. If you are planning on flying, the following will help you navigate the airways.

Before You Go

It’s important to remember that, currently, anytime you travel, you’re putting yourself at risk for Covid-19. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention wants every traveler to consider the following questions.

      • Is Covid-19 spreading in your destination?
      • Is Covid-19 spreading in your community?
      • Are you or your travel partners more likely to get sick from traveling?
      • Will you need to quarantine after traveling?

These questions can help you decide if your trip will take a toll on your vacation and your fellow travel buddies.

Listen to the Flight Attendants

A flight attendant is there for your safety! They are trained to keep everyone safe, execute emergency procedures, and keep flyers safe during these times. Flight attendants have also received training on coronavirus procedures. With airlines doing advanced cleaning between flights, it’s important to stay cautious and vigilant. 

Wear a Mask or Face Shield

All airlines require travelers to wear a mask. If travelers fail to follow the mask guidelines, they will be asked to give up their seats and can even be banned from flying in the future. If you cannot wear a mask or have additional questions about the policies, it’s critical to reach out to your airline to have your questions answered. 

Clean Your Own Space

Once you’ve boarded your flight and have settled into your space, it’s essential to wipe down your space. Start with the armrest, tray table, window shade, and the air nozzle above you. If you are planning on touching it or did touch it, it’s important to wipe it down. Once you’ve finished wiping down your space, make sure to sanitize your hands. Each time you touch something, sanitize! 

Avoid the Crowding

As you board and disembark from the plane, avoid crowding the aisle! This will limit contact with other passengers and help keep you six feet away from other passengers.