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Aside from the typical vacation destinations, where can people go to enjoy themselves away from home? One city many people don’t think of, but should, is Charleston. This South Carolina hotspot has a lot for locals and visitors to see and do.

Charleston Museum

One of the city’s most popular attractions is the Charleston Museum. While the building itself is modern, the lobby houses a whale suspended from the ceiling. This whale entered the harbor in Charleston in 1880. The museum itself tells the history of the city dating back to 1773.

Waterfront Park

For those who don’t mind some walking, a popular activity is a self-guided tour. It starts at Charleston’s Waterfront Park. It includes views of the East Bay, White Point Gardens, and a building affectionately known by locals as Pineapple Gates House. The tour ends when participants reach a place called Goat, Sheep, Cow. From there, many visitors purchase a picnic lunch and walk the short distance to Washington Square to sit and enjoy eating it.

Two Sisters Tour

That isn’t the only tour of Charleston worth taking. Another popular choice is the Two Sisters Tour. Seven generations of the same family have run it. Participants can join a group tour or pay extra for a personal one. Either way, the tour starts in Washington Square and lasts approximately two hours. It features many of Charleston’s highlights as a city.

Robert Lange Studios

A relaxing indoor activity to enjoy is Robert Lange Studios. As a working artist’s studio, it also makes for a buzzing art gallery. The walls of the gallery are filled with contemporary art pieces. One evening per month, Charleston’s many art galleries remain open well into the evening hours. In addition to browsing the galleries, visitors can enjoy locally prepared foods and drinks.

Sullivan’s Island

Sullivan’s Island Beach is situated at Charleston Harbor’s mouth. The sprawling beaches feature calm waters and vegetation paths that visitors often enjoy wandering through. One reason the beach is in such good shape is that the vegetation path protects it in the event of a major storm.

Preservation Society of Charleston 

Last but not least, the Preservation Society of Charleston features a souvenir shop where visitors can purchase items created by locals. The shop also offers couches to sit on and even free coffee.