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There are so many options for folks to find great TV shows across many genres. In addition to the reliable cable options, there are many streaming options such as Netflix and Hulu. There are so many travel shows that are on TV right now. Therefore, there are many ways in which one can satisfy their fantasies for a dream vacation. 

Tales By Light

This Australian-based travel series takes viewers on a worldwide trip as they tell impactful stories of individuals and the places they visit. Thus, this show goes beyond having viewers fantasizing about the scenery of their next vacation spot. Viewers will get hooked on the remarkable storytelling.

Restaurants On The Edge

Netflix’s Restaurants on the Edge can be defined as a restaurant rehab show. However, this is not necessarily similar to a show such as Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares.” While the show’s primary focus is to rehab restaurants that are on the brink of insolvency, the show will be quite satisfying for the travel enthusiast. It takes a deep dive into the various foods of different locations.

Samantha Brown’s Place To Love:

To have a legitimate list of travel TV shows, one must include one of the most exceptional TV travel hosts in the genre. Currently, Samantha Brown will lead viewers on a trip to significant locations such as New Zealand. She will also go over hidden treasures in each location. This can be seen on PBS.

Dark Tourism

For travel enthusiasts with an eye for knowledge, Dark Tourism is another great option for a travel show on Netflix. Dark Tourism takes a deep dive into unique cultures and norms worldwide. This show is so unique that it had an episode that was centered around a voodoo festival. Travel enthusiasts will be satisfied with this program despite its unique approach.

Parts Unknown

Despite his untimely passing two years ago, Anthony Bourdain’s Part Unknowns is still a staple as far as TV travel shows are concerned. Anthony Bourdain takes us on great adventures and uses the topic of food to allow the viewer to connect with various cultures.